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Tolkien's Hobbit: A Book of 20 Postcards
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IllustratorAlan Lee (cover)

Tolkien's Hobbit: A Book of 20 Postcards is a book containing twenty postcards with illustrations inspired by The Hobbit.


  1. John Howe: An Unexpected Party
  2. Gerd Renshof and Ron Ploeg: Rough Steps Going up the Lonely Mountain
  3. Alan Lee: Captured by Spiders
  4. Roger Garland: Gandalf
  5. Alan Lee: Bridge to Rivendell
  6. Capucine Mazille: Smaug
  7. Ted Nasmith: Eagles to the Rescue
  8. Gerd Renshof and Ron Ploeg: The Trolls
  9. John Howe: A Hobbit Dwelling
  10. Alan Lee: Thorin's Map
  11. Pauline Baynes: Barrels out of Bond
  12. Cor Blok: The Game of Riddles
  13. Alan Lee: Into the Mountains
  14. David Wenzel: An Unexpected Party
  15. Capucine Mazille: In the House of Beorn
  16. Alan Lee: Thorin's Arrival
  17. John Howe: Gandalf
  18. Capucine Mazille: The Battle of Five Armies
  19. Alan Lee: View over Mirkwood
  20. Gerd Renshof and Ron Ploeg: Bilbo Flies on Eagle's Wings

From the back

A book of 20 postcards featuring a selection of artists' interpretations of JRR Tolkien's enduring classic work The Hobbit.