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Third Age 2914

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* [[Adalgar Bolger]] died.<ref name="AppC5">{{App|C5}}</ref>
*Death of [[Ruling Steward]] [[Túrin II]] of [[Gondor]].<ref name="South">{{App|South}}</ref>
* [[Túrin II]] died. <ref name="South">{{App|South}}</ref>
*[[Turgon (Steward of Gondor)|Turgon]], son of Túrin II, becomes the twenty-fourth Ruling Steward.<ref name="South"/>
* [[Turgon (Steward of Gondor)|Turgon]] becomes [[Stewards of Gondor|Steward of Gondor]].<ref name="South">{{App|South}}</ref>
* Death of [[Adalgar Bolger]].<ref>{{App|Bolger}}</ref>
[[Category:Third Age years]]
[[Category:Third Age years|2, Third Age 2914]]

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