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* [[Arvedui]] drowned in the [[Bay of Forochel]].  
* The [[palantíri]] of [[Annúminas]] and [[Amon Sûl]] are lost.  
* [[Eärnur]] brings a fleet to [[Lindon]].  
* The [[Witch-king]] defeated at the [[Battle of Fornost]], and pursued to the [[Ettenmoors]]. He vanishes from the North.
*Having learned from [[Aranarth]] about [[Kings of Arthedain|King]] [[Arvedui]], [[Cirdan]] send an elven ship to [[Forochel]] to rescue him.<ref name=eriador>{{App|Eriador}}</ref>
*Long winter, the ice of the north didn't break yet.<ref name=eriador/>
* [[The Lord of the Rings]], [[The Return of the King]], [[Appendix B]]
* [[Arvedui]] drowned in the [[Icebay of Forochel]].<ref name="TA">{{App|TA}}</ref><ref name=eriador/>
* The ''[[palantíri]]'' of [[Annúminas]] and [[Weathertop|Amon Sûl]] are lost.<ref name="TA"/><ref name=eriador/> The [[Ring of Barahir]] stays with the chief of the [[Lossoth]].<ref name=eriador/>
[[Category:Third Age years]]
* [[Eärnur]] brings a fleet to [[Lindon]].<ref name="TA"/>
* The [[Witch-king]] is defeated at the [[Battle of Fornost]] and pursued to the [[Ettenmoors]]. He vanishes from the North.<ref name="TA"/>
[[Category:Third Age years|1, Third Age 1975]]

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Year of
the Sun:

Third Age 1975 (abbreviated to T.A. 1975) is the 1975th year of the Sun of the Third Age of Middle-earth. Third Age 1975 was also known as S.R. 375 in Shire-reckoning.

Notable events in this year include:





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