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The Lord of the Rings: The Rarities Archive

The Lord of the Rings: The Rarities Archive
The Rarities Archive.jpg
Soundtrack by Howard Shore
ReleasedSeptember 28, 2010
LabelHowe Records

The Lord of the Rings: The Rarities Archive is an album by Howard Shore comprising of mock-up, alternate, and previously unreleased versions of tracks from the score of The Lord of the Rings film series.[1] It was compiled for and bundled with the book by Doug Adams,the writer of the book The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films.


# Title Length
1. "Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All (Alternate)"   5:56
2. "The Shire/The Hobbits (Mock-up)"   2:00
3. "Out From Bree (Theatrical Version & Alternate)"   4:04
4. "Flight to the Ford (Alternate)"   4:04
5. "Moria (Mock-up)"   1:44
6. "The Fighting Uruk-hai (Alternate)"   1:47
7. "The Argonath (Alternate)"   2:18
8. "Gwenwin in în ("Arwen's Song" Alternate/Mock-up)"   2:02
9. "Arwen's Song (Complete)"   2:11
10. "Emyn Muil (Alternate)"   3:23
11. "The Rohan Fanfare (Mock-up)"   3:09
12. "The Eaves of Fangorn (Alternate)"   5:25
13. "The Ent Theme (Mock-up)"   2:00
14. "The Return of the King Trailer"   2:34
15. "The Gondor Theme (Mock-up)"   2:18
16. "The Muster of Rohan (Alternate)"   6:43
17. "The Siege of Gondor (Alternate)"   3:13
18. "Shieldmaiden of Rohan (Theatrical Version)"   2:00
19. "Sammath Naur (Alternate)"   8:51
20. "Frodo's Song ("Into the West" Alternate/Mock-up)"   2:23
21. "Elanor (Alternate)"   1:30
22. "In Conversation (Audio Interview Part 1), featuring "Roots and Beginnings" (alternate)"   5:05
23. "In Conversation (Audio Interview Part 2), featuring "Frodo's Song" (alternate), played by Sir James Galway."   4:27

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