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I believe that Radagast was a Maia of Yavanna. The current page lists no Maiar for her.Unsigned comment by Karakedi (talk • contribs).

[edit] Removed fanon

I removed what appears to be speculation on the Sindarin names of Yavanna: "The [[Sindarin]] form of ''Yavanna'' is '''''Ivon''''' ({{IPA|[ˈivon]}}), while the Sindarin form of ''Kementári'' is '''''Címir''''' ({{IPA|[kiːmir]}})." The theory seem to derive from the Gnomish names (of Yavanna) in PE11, p. 18. What I can find, no such Sindarin forms are given in the HoMe or in The Silmarillion. --Morgan 15:17, 10 January 2012 (UTC)