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[edit] Speculation about if Narmacil had a son

The speculation that Minalcar’s regency would have come to an end if Narmacil I had had a son succeeding him is unsubstantiated. It is also unfounded:

  1. If Narmacil had had a son, that son would have been the obvious candidate to become regent, and Minalcar would never even have become regent.
  2. If, nevertheless, Narmacil had preferred his nephew over his son for the regency, that could only have been because said son were as ‘unsuited to the rigours of kingship’ as his father and uncle. In which case it would not have been unlikely at all that the son as successor of Narmacil I would have behaved in the same way as his uncle actually did, and continued Minalcar as regent. I see no reason to speculate further what might then have happened at the death of either Minalcar or his cousin.

Therefor, I’m removing the speculation. — Mithrennaith 23:55, 7 September 2010 (UTC)