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[edit] Redirecting to a Talk page

Yes, I know, that’s very improper practice. Amarthan should redirect to Amrod, the better know name of this person. But at this moment, not only does that page not mention the name Amarthan at all, it also mostly describes the life of Amras, and vice versa! So I prefer to link to Talk:Amrod, which does mention the name Amarthan, and explains why the two pages are wrong way round. Just as a stopgap, before those pages are put right, of course (which I still haven’t got round to after two-and-a-half years ...).

Why then create this page now, before putting the Amrod&Amras mess in order, you might ask? Well, I was asked to go and check whether I can create pages, and I decided to create one we do need, rather than create a silly stub or user subpage just for the occasion, even though it highlights one of our persistent errors — and my own lack of activity. — Mithrennaith 03:00, 3 June 2011 (UTC)