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Siege of Utumno

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"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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Siege of Utumno
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Conflict: War for Sake of the Elves
Date: VY 1092-VY 1099
Place: Utumno, North of Aman
Outcome: Decisive victory for Valarian forces

Valar and Maiar of Valinor

Forces of Melkor


Ted Nasmith - The First Dawn of the Sun (cropped).jpg Oromë

Måns Björkman - Morgoth design.pngMorgoth John Howe - Icon Mordor 1 small.pngSauron


Valarian forces of Aman

Balrogs, other various demons.



Near total

The Siege of Utumno was a great series of battles between Morgoth and the Valar in the North. The forces of the Valar were able to storm the dark and icy fortress after many years of prolonged fighting, immensely bloody on both sides. They drove Melkor into the depths of Utumno, where Tulkas and Melkor fought with one another before Tulkas cast him down. Eventually Utumno was captured and leveled, and Melkor was taken to the Halls of Mandos, bound by the great chain Angainor. He was taken back to Valinor for judgment before Manwë. Although Morgoth had been captured, the Valar did not discover the deepest caverns and dungeons of Utumno, where many evil things still lurked. Sauron was never found, and many creatures escaped the surface, the Valar weary and distracted by Morgoth's capture. The Elves were the only people who remembered anything of the Siege, and only then that the earth shook and the waters groaned, and the North was lit by many fires from the lengthy battle.[1]


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