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[[File:Ted Nasmith - Lúthien Tends Beren's Wound.jpg|right|thumb|200px|[[Ted Nasmith]] - ''Lúthien Tends Beren's Wound'']]
#REDIRECT [[Beren]]
'''One-handed''' was a title and surname given to [[Beren]] son of [[Barahir]], an English translation of [[Sindarin]] ''Erchamion''<ref group=note>It appeared as such in the published ''[[The Silmarillion|Silmarillion]]'', although forms Erchammon and Erchamon are also found.</ref> and [[Quenya]] ''Erkambo''. It derives from his encounter with the great wolf [[Carcharoth]] before the gates of [[Angband]]. Beren and [[Lúthien]] had recovered one of the [[Silmarils]] from [[Iron Crown|Morgoth's Crown]], and were escaping with the Jewel when Carcharoth barred their way. Beren held up the holy Jewel in the hope of cowing the wolf, but instead Carcharoth took his right hand, still clasping the Silmaril. Because it was blessed by [[Varda]] herself, the Silmaril seared the innards of the creature of Morgoth, and it fled in agony.
Meanwhile, Beren's wound brought him close to death, but [[Thorondor]] and his [[Eagles]] plucked Beren and Lúthien out of danger and away to safety. The lost Silmaril would eventually be recovered in the [[Hunting of the Wolf]], but in tales Beren was known ever afterwards as Beren One-hand.<ref>{{S|Beren}}</ref>
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[[Category: Epithets]]

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