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| pronun=
| pronun=
| othernames=''Olue'' ([[Telerin|T]])</br>Volwë
| othernames=''Olue'' ([[Telerin|T]])</br>Volwë
| titles=King of the [[Teleri]]
| titles=King of the [[Falmari]]
| position=
| position=
| location=[[Alqualondë]]
| location=[[Alqualondë]]
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| age=
| age=
| notablefor=
| notablefor=
| house=House of Olwë
| house=
| parentage=Unknown
| parentage=
| siblings=[[Thingol|Elwë]], possibly [[Elmo]]<ref name="Galadriel">{{UT|Galadriel}}</ref>
| siblings=[[Thingol|Elwë]] & [[Elmo]]<ref name="Galadriel">{{UT|Galadriel}}</ref>
| spouse=
| spouse=
| children=[[Eärwen]], unnamed sons<ref name="Sons">{{S|Princes}}</ref>
| children=[[Eärwen]], unnamed sons<ref name="Sons">{{S|Princes}}</ref>

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Olwë in Beleriand
"Olwë in Beleriand" by Karolina Węgrzyn
Biographical Information
Other namesOlue (T)
TitlesKing of the Falmari
Birthbetween Y.T. 1050 and 1102
SiblingsElwë & Elmo[1]
ChildrenEärwen, unnamed sons[2]
Physical Description
Hair colorWhite[3]
Eye colorBlue[3]
GalleryImages of Olwë

Olwë (Q, pron. [ˈolwe]) was the King of the Teleri in Aman, also known as the Falmari. He was the younger brother of Elwë, King of the Sindar. He may have had a second brother, Elmo.[1]



Elwë and Olwë were both lords of the third clan of the Elves, known later as the Teleri,[4] and together they led their people from Cuiviénen to the West:

"Two lords they had, for their numbers were very great: Elwë Singollo, which signifies Greymantle, and Olwë his brother. The hair of Olwë was long and white, and his eyes were blue; but the hair of Elwë was grey as silver, and his eyes were as stars; he was the tallest of all the Elven-folk."
― "Of the Coming of the Elves and the Captivity of Melkor"[3]

However, during a long wait in Beleriand Elwë disappeared.[5] After years of searching, Olwë grew impatient, and led the greater part of the Teleri to Valinor, on the insistence of the Vala Ulmo.

Olwë became Lord of the island of Tol Eressëa, where the Teleri built a great number of cities, and grew in number. When they finally came to Eldamar some centuries later, Olwë became the king of Alqualondë. His daughter Eärwen married Finarfin son of Finwë and later King of the Noldor in Valinor. Besides Eärwen, Olwë had several sons.[2]

When Fëanor revolted against the Valar he attempted to persuade the Teleri to join him in order to obtain their ships. They were unmoved, wanting no other realm than Eldamar and no other lord than Olwë. Fëanor reproached Olwë and his people as "fainthearted loiterers" and reminded them that the Noldor had aided them when they finally arrived. Olwë rebuked Fëanor's folly and refused to give him any ships of the Teleri, which they valued as the Noldor did their gems. Fëanor withdrew but then led his forces to Alqualondë to take the ships by force. As the Noldor rowed the stolen vessels northward, Olwë called for Ossë to stop them but it was not permitted by the Valar.[6]

Other names

In one manuscript, the Telerin form of Olwë is said to be Olue.[7] In another manuscript the Telerin form is similar to the Quenya form: Olwë.[8]

The Falmari called him sometimes Volwë.[8]




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House of Olwë
Born: during the Years of the Trees
Position created
King of the Falmari
Years of the Trees -