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OR (also ORO and ) is a Primitive Quendian root signifying "rise, mount". The reverse root is said to be NŪ, NDŪ ("sink, go down").[1]

In a letter, Tolkien noted the root ŌR/RO, signifying "rise up, go high".[2]



Other versions

In the Qenya Lexicon appears the roots ORO (with the descendant Qenya form oro- "rise") and RŌ, ROHO (with the descendant Qenya rōna- "arise, rise, ascend").[3]

In the Etymologies appears the roots ORO- ("up; rise; high") RŌ- ("rise"). Amongs its derivatives are:[4]

  • ORO-
    • Quenya: óre ("rising"); orta- ("rise, raise")
    • Noldorin: or ("above"); ortho ("raise"); erio ("rise")
    • ÓROT- ("height, mountain")
    • ÓR-NI- ("high tree")
      • Quenya: orne
      • Noldorin: orn
      • Doriathrin: orn

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