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Kings of Arnor

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<ol start="11">
<ol start="11">
<li>[[Amlaith]], eldest son of [[Eärendur]], tenth King of [[Arnor]]. Reigned 861 [[Third Age|T.A.]]&ndash;946 T.A.
<li>[[Amlaith]], eldest son of [[Eärendur]], tenth King of [[Arnor]]. Reigned 861 [[Third Age|T.A.]]&ndash;946 T.A.
<li>[[Beleg of Arnor|Beleg]] reigned 946&ndash;1029
<li>[[Beleg of Arthedain|Beleg]] reigned 946&ndash;1029
<li>[[Mallor]] r. 1029&ndash;1110
<li>[[Mallor]] r. 1029&ndash;1110
<li>[[Celepharn]] r. 1110&ndash;1191
<li>[[Celepharn]] r. 1110&ndash;1191

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This is a list of kings of Arnor.

The Kings of Arnor through Amandil claimed descent from the Lords of Andúnië, and from there to Silmariën and the Kings of Númenor.

  1. Elendil, son of Amandil. He reigned from 3320–3441 S.A.
  2. Isildur reigned S.A. 3441–T.A. 2
  3. Valandil r. T.A. 2–249
  4. Eldacar r. 87–339
  5. Arantar r. 185–435
  6. Tarcil r. 280–515
  7. Tarondor r. 372–602
  8. Valandur r. 462–652
  9. Elendur r. 530–777
  10. Eärendur r. 777–861, last King of Arnor.

Elendil and Isildur were Kings of Gondor as well as Arnor, but after Isildur the realm was split.

After Eärendur the realm of Arnor was split between his three sons, founding the realms of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur: the elder line of Kings continued with the Kings of Arthedain.

In 1349 T.A. the descedants of Eärendur had died out in Cardolan and Rhudaur, and Argeleb I of Arthedain again claimed the title King of Arnor. The Kings of Arthedain were then added to the elder list of Kings. Argeleb, 7th King of Arthedain, is thus referred to as the 17th of the Kings of Arnor, and Arvedui was the 25th and last King of the Northern Line. The list of Kings of Arthedain follows here:

  1. Amlaith, eldest son of Eärendur, tenth King of Arnor. Reigned 861 T.A.–946 T.A.
  2. Beleg reigned 946–1029
  3. Mallor r. 1029–1110
  4. Celepharn r. 1110–1191
  5. Celebrindor r. 1191–1272
  6. Malvegil r. 1272–1349
  7. Argeleb I r. 1349–1356
  8. Arveleg I r. 1356–1409
  9. Araphor r. 1409–1589
  10. Argeleb II r. 1589–1670
  11. Arvegil r. 1670–1743
  12. Arveleg II r. 1743–1813
  13. Araval r. 1813–1891
  14. Araphant r. 1891–1964
  15. Arvedui r. 1964–1975, Last King of the North Kingdom.

After Arvedui the North Kingdom was no more, and the line of Kings continued in the Chieftains of the Dúnedain, the Rangers of the North.