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| Children's Literature and Tolkien||Davie, Penelope
| Children's Literature and Tolkien||Davie, Penelope
| Christ||Pearce, Joseph
| Christ||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Christ: "Advent Lyrics"||[[Carl Phelpstead|Phelpstead, Carl]]
| Christ: "Advent Lyrics"||[[Carl Phelpstead|Phelpstead, Carl]]
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| Christianity ||[[Bradley J. Birzer|Birzer, Bradley J.]]
| Christianity ||[[Bradley J. Birzer|Birzer, Bradley J.]]
| Church of England||Pearce, Joseph
| Church of England||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Class in Tolkien\'s Works ||Oberhelman, David D.
| Class in Tolkien\'s Works ||Oberhelman, David D.
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| D'Ardenne, S.R.T.O. (1899-1986)||[[Douglas A. Anderson|Anderson, Douglas A.]]
| D'Ardenne, S.R.T.O. (1899-1986)||[[Douglas A. Anderson|Anderson, Douglas A.]]
| Darkness||Pearce, Joseph
| Darkness||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Death||Garbowski, Christopher
| Death||Garbowski, Christopher
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| Heathenism and Paganism||Dickerson, Matthew
| Heathenism and Paganism||Dickerson, Matthew
| Heaven ||Pearce, Joseph
| Heaven ||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Hell||Walsh, John
| Hell||Walsh, John
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| Immortality||Garbowski, Christopher
| Immortality||Garbowski, Christopher
| Incarnation||Pearce, Joseph
| Incarnation||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Industrialization||Curry, Patrick
| Industrialization||Curry, Patrick
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| Morgan, Father Francis||Coren, Michael
| Morgan, Father Francis||Coren, Michael
| Morgoth and Melkor||Pearce, Joseph
| Morgoth and Melkor||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Morgoth's Ring||Fensome, Matthew
| Morgoth's Ring||Fensome, Matthew
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| Ransome, Arthur ||Coren, Michael
| Ransome, Arthur ||Coren, Michael
| Redemption||Pearce, Joseph
| Redemption||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Report on the Excavation of �. Lydney Park, Gloucestershire ||Anger, Don N.
| Report on the Excavation of the Prehistoric, Roman and Post-Roman Site in Lydney Park, Gloucestshire||Anger, Don N.
| Resurrection||[[Bradley J. Birzer|Birzer, Bradley J.]]
| Resurrection||[[Bradley J. Birzer|Birzer, Bradley J.]]
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| Saint Oswald||[[Jared Lobdell|Lobdell, Jared]]
| Saint Oswald||[[Jared Lobdell|Lobdell, Jared]]
| Saints||Pearce, Joseph
| Saints||[[Joseph Pearce|Pearce, Joseph]]
| Sam||[[Stephen Yandell|Yandell, Stephen]]
| Sam||[[Stephen Yandell|Yandell, Stephen]]
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| Wyke-Smith, A.E. and The Marvelous Land of Snergs||[[Bradford Lee Eden|Eden, Bradford Lee]]
| Wyke-Smith, A.E. and The Marvelous Land of Snergs||[[Bradford Lee Eden|Eden, Bradford Lee]]
| Ylfe, �lfar, Elves||[[Tom Shippey|Shippey, Tom]]
| Ylfe, Álfar, Elves||[[Tom Shippey|Shippey, Tom]]

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ARTICLE (in order of appearance) AUTHOR
AB Language Zettersten, Arne
Adventures of Tom Bombadil Hargrove, Gene
Ælfwine (Old English "Elf-friend") Honegger, Thomas
Alcuin (ca. 735-804) Smith, William
Aldhelm (d. 709 or 710) Powell, Kathryn
Allegory Petty, Anne C.
Alliteration Chism, Christine
Alliterative Revival Chism, Christine
Alliterative Verse by Tolkien Shippey, Tom
Alphabets, Invented Smith, Arden R.
America in the 1960s: Reception of Tolkien Foster, Mike
Ancrene Wisse Zettersten, Arne
Angband Oberhelman, David D.
Angels Lobdell, Jared
Animals in Tolkien\'s Works Sookoo, Lara
Aquinas, Thomas Birzer, Bradley J.
Aragorn Armstrong, Helen
Arda Bolintineau, Alexandra
Arkenstone Burdge, Anthony
Arms and Armor Piela, Joseph
Art and Illustrations by Tolkien Holmes, John R.
Arthurian Literature Seaman, Gerald
Arthurian Romance Flieger, Verlyn
Artistic Movements McNelis, James I. III
Artists and Illustrators\' Influence on Tolkien Garth, John
Arwen Armstrong, Helen
Asceticism Heckman, Christina M.
Astronomy and Cosmology, Middle-earth Bolintineau, Alexandra
Auden, W. H.: Influence of Tolkien Jellema, Rod
Augustine of Canterbury, Saint, First Archbishop of Canterbury (d. c. 604) Eden, Bradford Lee
Augustine of Hippo Houghton, John Wm.
Authorship Nagy, Gergely
Bakshi, Ralph Langford, Barry
Barfield, Owen Flieger, Verlyn
Barrie, J. M. Oberhelman, David D.
Battle of Maldon, The Holmes, John R.
Bede (St. Bede the Venerable, Old English Bǣda) (672?-735) Houghton, John Wm.
Bennett, Jack Arthur Walter (1911-81) Duriez, Colin
Beorn Walsh, John
Beowulf and the Critics Drout, Michael D.C.
"Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics" Drout, Michael D.C.
Beowulf: Tolkien's Scholarship Drout, Michael D.C.
Beowulf: Translations by Tolkien Drout, Michael D.C.
Beren Thomas, Paul Edmund
Bible Walton, Christina Ganong
Bilbo Baggins Stanton, Michael N.
Biology of Middle-earth Schneidewind, Friedhelm
Bliss, Alan (1921-1985) Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Bodleian Library, Oxford Bratman, David
Book of Lost Tales I Houghton, John Wm.
Book of Lost Tales II Thomas, Paul Edmund
Boromir Davis, Alex
Bournemouth Bratman, David
Boyens, Philippa Oberhelman, David D.
Brut by Layamon Phelpstead, Carl
Buchan, John (1875-1940) Shippey, Tom
Butler, Samuel (1835-1902) Stanton, Michael N.
Caedmon Harper, Amelia
Calendars Smith, Arden R.
Capitalism Colebatch, Hal G.P.
Carolingians Lobdell, Jared
Catholicism, Roman Birzer, Bradley J.
Cave, The Lobdell, Jared
Caves and Mines Burke, Jessica
Cecil, Lord David (1902-86) Duriez, Colin
Charms Leibiger, Carol A.
"Chaucer as Philologist: The Reeve's Tale" Horobin, Simon
Childhood of Tolkien Lobdell, Jared
Children's Literature and Tolkien Davie, Penelope
Christ Pearce, Joseph
Christ: "Advent Lyrics" Phelpstead, Carl
Christian Readings of Tolkien Birzer, Bradley J.
Christianity Birzer, Bradley J.
Church of England Pearce, Joseph
Class in Tolkien\'s Works Oberhelman, David D.
Coghill, Nevill Henry Kendal Aylmer (1899-1980) Duriez, Colin
Collecting Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Colors Parker, Victor L.
Comedy Garbowski, Christopher
Communism Colebatch, Hal G.P.
Criticism of Tolkien, Twentieth Century Lobdell, Jared
Cruces in Medieval Literature Shippey, Tom
Cynewulf Heckman, Christina M.
Dagnall, Susan (1910-52) Anderson, Douglas A.
Danes: Contributions to English Culture Evans, Jonathan
Danish Language Evans, Jonathan
Dante DeTardo, Merlin
D'Ardenne, S.R.T.O. (1899-1986) Anderson, Douglas A.
Darkness Pearce, Joseph
Death Garbowski, Christopher
Denethor Davis, Alex
Denham Tracts, The Eaton, Dustin
Denmark: Reception of Tolkien Skyggebjerbg, Anna Karlskov
Deor Christopher, Joe R.
Descent Walsh, John
Despair (Wanhope) Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Devil's Coach-Horses Lobdell, Jared
Devils Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Doors and Gates Stanton, Michael N.
Doubles Burns, Marjorie
Dragons Evans, Jonathan
Dramatizations: Stage and Spoken Whittingham, Elizabeth A.
Dreams Lobdell, Jared
Druids Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Dundas-Grant, Jim (1896-1985) Bratman, David
Dutch Language van Rossenberg, René
Dwarves Evans, Jonathan
Dyson, Hugo (1896-1975) Coren, Michael
Eärendil Bolintineau, Alexandra
Earth Curry, Patrick
East, The Magoun, John F.G.
Easterlings Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
Education Harper, Amelia
Egypt: Relationship to Númenóreans Walsh, John
Eldamar Drout, Michael D.C.
Elements Barella, Cecilia
Elendilmir Moreno, Miryam Librán
Elessar Thomas, Paul Edmund
Elf-Shot Donovan, Leslie A.
Elrond Thomas, Paul Edmund
Elves Eden, Bradford Lee
Elves: Kindreds and Migrations Dickerson, Matthew
Elves: Reincarnation Devaux, Michaël
Elvish Compositions and Grammars Hostetter, Carl F.
Enchantment Curry, Patrick
England, Twentieth Century Lobdell, Jared
"English and Welsh" Garth, John
Ents Dickerson, Matthew
Environmentalism and Eco-Criticism Curry, Patrick
Environmentalist Readings of Tolkien Siewers, Alfred K.
Éomer Wynne, Hilary
Éowyn Hesser, Katherine
Epic Poetry Andelin, Julaire
Eru Birzer, Bradley J.
Esperanto Smith, Arden R.
Essays Presented to Charles Williams Fischer, Charles H. and Thomas, Paul Edmund
Estate Scoville, Chester N.
Eucatastrope Garbowski, Christopher
Eucharist Fornet-Ponse, Thomas
Exile Donovan, Leslie A.
Existentialism Eaglestone, Robert
Exodus, Edition of Swain, L.J.
Faërie Flieger, Verlyn
Fairies Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Fairyology, Victorian Fimi, Dimitra
Fall of Man Birzer, Bradley J.
Family Background Duriez, Colin
Family Trees Fisher, Jason
Fan Art Lee, Kristi
Fan Fiction Sturgis, Amy H.
Fandom Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Faramir Thomas, Paul Edmund
Farmer Giles of Ham Croft, Janet Brennan
Farmer Giles Hargrove, Gene
Father Christmas Letters Kapelle, Rachel
Father Christmas Lobdell, Jared
Fëanor Fisher, Jason
Feminist Readings of Tolkien Ripley, Aline
Fictionality Nagy, Gergely
Film Scripts, Unused Tubbs, Patricia
Finland: Literary Sources Petty, Anne C.
Finland: Reception of Tolkien Heikkinen, Kanerva
Finn and Hengest Honegger, Thomas
Finnish Language West, Richard C.
Finrod Drout, Michael D.C.
Finwë and Míriel Dickerson, Matthew
Folklore Petty, Anne C.
Food Honegger, Thomas
Fortune and Fate Dubs, Kathleen E.
"A Fourteenth-Century Romance" Kisor, Yvette
Frame Narrative Flieger, Verlyn
France and French Culture Seaman, Gerald
France: Reception of Tolkien Devaux, Michaël
"Frances Thompson": Article for Exeter College Essay Club Garth, John
Free Will Timmons, Daniel
French Language Seaman, Gerald
Frodo Stanton, Michael N.
Galadriel Fisher, Jason
Gaming Burdge, Anthony
Gandalf Stanton, Michael N.
Garm Walsh, John
Gaze Drout, Michael D.C.
Geach, E. F. A.: "Romance" Swain, L.J.
Gender in Tolkien's Works Smol, Anna
Genesis Kisor, Yvette
German Folktale: Deutsch Mythologie Benvenuto, Maria Raffaela
German Race Laws Leibiger, Carol A.
German: Modern Benvenuto, Maria Raffaela
Germany Honegger, Thomas
Germany, Reception of Tolkien Honegger, Thomas
Gibbon, Edward: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Gilson, Robert Quilter (1893-1916) Garth, John
Gimli Swain, L.J.
Glorfindel Anger, Don N.
Goldberry Hesser, Katherine
Gollum Nagy, Gergely
Gondor Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
Good and Evil Rosebury, Brian
Gordon, E.V. (1896-1938) Anderson, Douglas A.
Gordon, Ida (1907-) Kisor, Yvette
Gothic Language Lobdell, Jared
Goths Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
Grammar Benvenuto, Maria Raffaela
Great Haywood Bratman, David
Greece: Reception of Tolkien Fimi, Dimitra
Greek Gods Fisher, Jason
Green, Roger Lancelyn (1918-87) Duriez, Colin
Gregory the Great (c. 540-604) Eden, Bradford Lee
Gríma (Wormtongue) Croft, Janet Brennan
Grove, Jennie (1860-1938) Garth, John
Guthlac, Poem Downey, Sarah
Guthlac, Saint Downey, Sarah
Haigh, Walter E. (1856-1931) Croft, Janet Brennan
Havard, Humphrey (1901-85) Bratman, David
Health and Medicine Nokes, Richard Scott
Heathenism and Paganism Dickerson, Matthew
Heaven Pearce, Joseph
Hell Walsh, John
Heroes and Heroism Swain, L.J.
Hierarchy Oberhelman, David D.
History of Middle-earth: Overview Bratman, David
History, Anglo-Saxon Smol, Anna
Hobbit, The Scoville, Chester N.
Hobbiton Stanton, Michael N.
Hobbits Stanton, Michael N.
Holy Maiden Hood by J. Furnival: Review by Tolkien Drout, Michael D.C.
Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Phelpstead, Carl
Homer Eaton, Dustin
Homosexuality Vaccaro, Christopher
Howard, Robert E. (1906-36) Nelson, Dale
Humor Stanton, Michael N.
Hungary: Reception of Tolkien Nagy, Gergely
Huns Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
I·Lam Na·Ngoldathon: The Grammar and Lexicon of the Gnomish Tongue Hostetter, Carl F.
Immortality Garbowski, Christopher
Incarnation Pearce, Joseph
Industrialization Curry, Patrick
Inklings Duriez, Colin
Ireland Anger, Don N.
Italian Language Arduini, Roberto
Italy: Reception of Tolkien Arduini, Roberto
"Iþþlen" in Sawles Warde Kleinman, Scott
Jackson, Peter Timmons, Daniel
Japan: Reception of Tolkien Arduini, Roberto
Jewels Turner, Allan
Jones, Gwyn Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Jordanes: History of the Goths Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
Joyce, James (1882-1941) Fischer, Charles H. and Thomas, Paul Edmund
Judaism Swain, L.J.
Juliana Tubbs, Patricia
Jungian Theory Vaccaro, Christopher
Justice and Injustice Oberhelman, David D.
Katherine Group Zettersten, Arne
King Alfred Holmes, John R.
Kingship Kleinman, Scott
Knowledge Anger, Don N.
Koivié-néni and Cuiviénen Anger, Don N.
Kolbítar Lazo, Andrew Charles
Kôr Bratman, David
Langland, William McNelis, James I. III
Language, Theories of Turner, Allan
Languages: Early Introduction and Interest Lobdell, Jared
Languages Invented by Tolkien Hostetter, Carl F.
Latin Language Moreno, Miryam Librán
Latin Literature Swain, L.J.
Law Hargroves, Jeniffer G.
Lays of Beleriand, The West, Richard C.
Leechbook and Herbarium Kisor, Yvette
Leeds Scoville, Chester N.
Leeds University Verse 1914-24 Anderson, Douglas A.
Legolas Thomas, Paul Edmund
Lembas Honegger, Thomas
Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, The DeTardo, Merlin
Lewis, C.S. (1898-1963) Shippey, Tom
Lewis, Warren Hamilton (1895-1973) West, Richard C.
Library, Personal Anderson, Douglas A.
Light Flieger, Verlyn
Literary Context, Twentieth Century Buck, Claire
Literary Influences, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Nelson, Dale
Literature, Twentieth Century: Influence of Tolkien Shippey, Tom
Lombardic Language Lobdell, Jared
Lonely Mountain (Erebor) Harper, Amelia
Lord of the Rings, The Sturgis, Amy H.
Lord of the Rings, The: Success of Lobdell, Jared
Lost Road, The Flieger, Verlyn
Lothlórien Stanton, Michael N.
Lúthien Seaman, Gerald
Lyme Regis Coren, Michael
Lyric Poetry Christopher, Joe R.
MacDonald, George (1824-1905) Kreglinger, Gisela
Magic: Middle-earth Perry, Michael W.
Maiar Evans, Jonathan
Mandos Garbowski, Christopher
Manuscripts by Tolkien Fisher, Jason
Manuscripts, Medieval Drout, Michael D.C.
Maps Campbell, Alice
Marriage Coren, Michael
Marxist Readings of Tolkien Oberhelman, David D.
Matthew, Fr. Anthony Gervase (1905-76) West, Richard C.
McCallum, Ronald Buchanan (1898-1973) Bratman, David
Melian Hesser, Katherine
Memory Flieger, Verlyn
Men, Middle-earth Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
Merchandising Bülles, Marcel R.
Mercy Bratman, David
Merry Croft, Janet Brennan
"Middle English 'Losenger': A Sketch of an Etymological and Semantic Inquiry" Swain, L.J.
Middle English Vocabulary, A (1922) Hostetter, Carl F.
Middle-earth Garbowski, Christopher
Milton Holmes, John R.
Mirkwood Evans, Jonathan
Missions from Anglo-Saxon England Eden, Bradford Lee
Misty Mountains Evans, Jonathan
Mithril Burke, Jessica
Monsters Evans, Jonathan
Mordor McNelis, James I. III
Morgan, Father Francis Coren, Michael
Morgoth and Melkor Pearce, Joseph
Morgoth's Ring Fensome, Matthew
Moria Dickerson, Matthew
Morris, William Perry, Michael W.
Mountains Benvenuto, Maria Raffaela
Mr. Bliss Lobdell, Jared
"MS Bodley 34: A Re-Collation of a Collation" Stenström, Anders 'Beregond'
Music in Middle-earth Eden, Bradford Lee
"Mythology for England" Fisher, Jason
Mythology, Celtic Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Mythology, Germanic Shippey, Tom
"Mythopoeia" Holmes, John R.
Nature Curry, Patrick
Nazi Party Garth, John
Neave, Jane (1872-1963) Duriez, Colin
Netherlands: Reception of Tolkien van Rossenberg, René
New Glossary of the Dialect of the Huddersfield District, A Shippey, Tom
"Nomenclature of The Lord of the Rings" Lobdell, Jared
Norman Conquest Foys, Martin K.
Northern Venture, A Anderson, Douglas A.
North Polar Bear Davie, Penelope
Northern Courage Phelpstead, Carl
Norway: Reception of Tolkien Agøy, Nils Ivar
Norwegian Language Agøy, Nils Ivar
Obituary for Henry Bradley Smith, William
Old English Bolintineau, Alexandra
Old English Apollonius of Tyre, Edited by Tolkien Swain, L.J.
Old French Literature Seaman, Gerald
Old High German Drout, Michael D.C.
Old High German Literature Smith, Arden R.
Old Man Willow Dickerson, Matthew
Old Mercian Swain, L.J.
Old Norse Language Shippey, Tom
Old Norse Literature Burns, Marjorie
Old Norse Translations Flieger, Verlyn
"On Fairy-Stories" Thomas, Paul Edmund
"On Translating Beowulf" Phelpstead, Carl
One Ring, The Senior, William
Oral Tradition Oberhelman, David D.
Orality Nagy, Gergely
Orfeo, Sir Hostetter, Carl F.
Owl and the Nightingale, The Shippey, Tom
Oxford Fry, Michele
Palantíri Fisher, Jason
Paradise Dickerson, Matthew
Parodies Bratman, David
Pearl: edition by E. V. Gordon Tubbs, Patricia
Penance Drout, Michael D.C.
Peoples of Middle-earth Bratman, David
Phial Fisher, Jason
Philately Sypeck, Jeff
Philo-semitism Coren, Michael
Pilgrimage Lobdell, Jared
Pippin Croft, Janet Brennan
Plants Curry, Patrick
Plato Nagy, Gergely
Poems by Tolkien in Other Languages Shippey, Tom
Poems by Tolkien: The Adventures of Tom Bombadil Shippey, Tom
Poems by Tolkien: The History of Middle-earth Lauro, Reno E.
Poems by Tolkien: The Hobbit Flieger, Verlyn
Poems by Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings Flieger, Verlyn
Poems by Tolkien: Uncollected Shippey, Tom
Poland: Reception of Tolkien Morawsi, Marcin
Politics Colebatch, Hal G.P.
Popular Music Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Possessiveness Oberhelman, David D.
Power in Tolkien's Works Eaglestone, Robert
Prehistory: "Cavemen" Walsh, John
Pride Evans, Jonathan
Prophecy Andelin, Julaire
Prose Style Turner, Allan
Pseudonym: Bagpuize, K. Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Publications, Posthumous Bratman, David
Publishing History Anderson, Douglas A.
Qenyaqetsa: The Quenya Phonology and Lexicon Hostetter, Carl F.
Quest Narrative Leibiger, Carol A.
Race and Ethnicity in Tolkien Works Chism, Christine
Race in Tolkien Films Rosebury, Brian
Racism, Charges of Chism, Christine
Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc. Croft, Janet Brennan
Ransome, Arthur Coren, Michael
Redemption Pearce, Joseph
Report on the Excavation of the Prehistoric, Roman and Post-Roman Site in Lydney Park, Gloucestshire Anger, Don N.
Resurrection Birzer, Bradley J.
Return of the Shadow Yandell, Stephen
Reynolds, R. W. (1867-1948) Anderson, Douglas A.
Rhetoric Turner, Allan
Riddles Fisher, Jason
Riddles: Sources Kisor, Yvette
Ring-giving Kisor, Yvette
Rings Vaccaro, Christopher
Rings of Power Honegger, Thomas
Rivendell Dickerson, Matthew
Road Goes Ever On, The Scoville, Chester N.
Rohan Wynne, Hilary
Roman History Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
Romances: Middle English and French Seaman, Gerald
Roverandom Lobdell, Jared
Runes Smith, Arden R.
Russia: Reception of Tolkien Markova, O.
Russian Language Derzhanski, Ivan A.
Sacrifice Heckman, Christina M.
Saint Brendan Lobdell, Jared
Saint John Birzer, Bradley J.
Saint Oswald Lobdell, Jared
Saints Pearce, Joseph
Sam Yandell, Stephen
Saracens and Moors Straubhaar, Sandra Ballif
Saruman Evans, Jonathan
Satan and Lucifer Dickerson, Matthew
Sauron Lobdell, Jared
Sauron Defeated Fisher, Jason
Saxo Grammaticus Kleinman, Scott
Sayers, Dorothy Leigh (1893-1957) West, Richard C.
Scholars of Medieval Literature, Influence of Shippey, Tom
Seafarer, The Donovan, Leslie A.
Seafarer: Ida Gordon Edition Bolintineau, Alexandra
"Secret Vice, A" Smith, Arden R.
Sexuality in Tolkien's Works Smol, Anna
Shakespeare Drout, Michael D.C.
Shaping of Middle-earth Sturgis, Amy H.
Shelob Burns, Marjorie
Shire, The Stanton, Michael N.
Silmarillion, The Nagy, Gergely
Silmarils Fisher, Jason
Sin Lobdell, Jared
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, Sir Orfeo, Edited by Christopher Tolkien Phelpstead, Carl
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Edition with E.V. Gordon Seaman, Gerald
Smith, Geoffrey Bache (1894-1916) Anderson, Douglas A.
Smith of Wooton Major Flieger, Verlyn
Smith of Wootton Major (Character) Dickerson, Matthew
Solomon and Saturn Powell, Kathryn
"Some Contributions to Middle English Lexicography" Beal, Jane
Song Contests Gay, David
South, The Magoun, John F.G.
Spain: Reception of Tolkien Segura, Eduardo
Spanish Language Segura, Eduardo
Spenser, Edmund Andelin, Julaire
Spring Harvest, A: G. Bache Smith, ed. J.R.R. Tolkien Garth, John
Subject Theory and Semiotics Nagy, Gergely
Suffield Family Tubbs, Patricia
Suicide West, Richard C.
Sweden: Reception of Tolkien Stenström, Anders 'Beregond'
Swedish Language Stenström, Anders 'Beregond'
Symbolism in Tolkien's Works Rosebury, Brian
Taniquetil Fisher, Jason
Tavrobel (or Tathrobel) Perry, Michael W.
T.C.B.S. (Tea Club and Barrovian Society) Garth, John
Technological Subcultures: Reception of Tolkien Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Technology in Middle-earth Worthen, Shana
Television: U.S. Coverage Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Tertullian Walsh, John
Textual History: Errors and Emendations Oberhelman, David D.
Textuality Nagy, Gergely
Theoden Wynne, Hilary
Theological and Moral Approaches in Tolkien\'s Works Dickerson, Matthew
Theology in The Lord of the Rings Filmer-Davies, Cath
Thingol Bülles, Marcel R.
Thorin Oakenshield Dueck, Jo-Anna, et al.
Time Flieger, Verlyn
Time Travel Flieger, Verlyn
Tol Eressëa Drout, Michael D.C.
Tolkien Reader, The Walsh, John
Tolkien Remembered: Humphrey Carpenter Anger, Don N.
Tolkien Scholarship: An Overview Rosebury, Brian
Tolkien Scholarship: First Decades: 1954-1980 West, Richard C.
Tolkien Scholarship: Institutions Barella, Cecilia
Tolkien Scholarship: Since 1980 Wynne, Hilary
Tolkien, Arthur Reuel (1857-96) Duriez, Colin
Tolkien, Baillie (1941-) Anderson, Douglas A.
Tolkien, Christopher Reuel Honegger, Thomas
Tolkien, Faith Anderson, Douglas A.
Tolkien, Hilary (1894-1976) Duriez, Colin
Tolkien, John (1917-2003) Anderson, Douglas A.
Tolkien (née Suffield), Mabel (1870-1904) Duriez, Colin
Tolkien, Michael (1920-84) Anderson, Douglas A.
Tolkien, Priscilla (1929-) Anderson, Douglas A.
Tolkien, Simon (1959-) Anderson, Douglas A.
Tom Bombadil Hargrove, Gene
Tour in the Alps, 1911 Burns, Marjorie
Towers Oberhelman, David D.
Treason Honegger, Thomas
Treason of Isengard, The Magoun, John F.G.
Tree and Leaf Dickerson, Matthew
Treebeard Dickerson, Matthew
Trees Dickerson, Matthew
Trench Fever Whittingham, Elizabeth A.
Túrin West, Richard C.
Turville-Petre, Joan Beal, Jane
Two Trees Curry, Patrick
Tyranny Vaccaro, Christopher
Undersea Landscape: Features Named after Tolkien Characters Hargroves, Jeniffer G.
Unfinished Tales Segura, Eduardo
Ungoliant (Q.,Ungol, Spider + Liante, Tendril) Houghton, John Wm.
Valar Dickerson, Matthew
Vale of the White Horse Fry, Michele
"Valedictory Address" Holmes, John R.
Valinor Oberhelman, David D.
Viking Raids Arduini, Roberto
Violence Vaccaro, Christopher
Virgil Barella, Cecilia
Wain, John (1925-1994) Bratman, David
Wanderer, The Donovan, Leslie A.
War Buck, Claire
War of the Jewels, The Fensome, Matthew
War of the Ring, The Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Warwick Spangenberg, Lisa L.
Weapons, Named Burdge, Anthony S. and Burke, Jessica
Welsh Language Lobdell, Jared
Whitby Scoville, Chester N.
Wilderland Dickerson, Matthew
Williams, Charles Walter Stansby (1886-1945) Duriez, Colin
Wiseman, Christopher (1893-1987) Garth, John
Wizards Stanton, Michael N.
Wolvercote Cemetery Anger, Robert G.
Women in Tolkien's Works Leibiger, Carol A.
World War I Garth, John
World War II Lobdell, Jared
Wyke-Smith, A.E. and The Marvelous Land of Snergs Eden, Bradford Lee
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