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Hills of Evendim

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The [[Sindarin]] name, ''Emyn Uial'' means "Hills of Dusk".{{fact}}
The [[Sindarin]] name, ''Emyn Uial'', means "Hills of Dusk", from ''[[emyn]]'' ("hills", plural of ''[[amon]]'')<ref>{{S|Appendix}}, ''amon''</ref> and ''[[uial]]'' ("[[twilight]]").<ref>{{S|Appendix}}, ''uial''</ref>
==Other versions of the legendarium==
==Other versions of the legendarium==

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Hills of Evendim
General Information
Other namesEmyn Uial
LocationCentral Eriador, north-east of Bree
InhabitantsElves, Men

The Hills of Evendim, or Emyn Uial in Sindarin, were a series of hills in northern Eriador.

The hills began about a hundred Númenórean miles north of the Shire in northern Eriador. At the southern end was the city of Annúminas, the first capital of Arnor, at Lake Evendim. The Baranduin or Brandywine River flowed out of this lake. The river Lhûn also had a tributary beginning in the hills.[1]


[edit] History

After the end of the First Age, Galadriel and Celeborn crossed the Ered Luin and settled in the Hills of Evendim. However, after the year 700 Galadriel and Celeborn left and established the realm of Eregion.[2]

When the Men of Númenor first returned to Middle-earth, the Hills of Evendim were also populated by Men related to the ancestors of the Edain. The Númenóreans settled nearby, and the hills formed the core of the kingdom of Arnor.[3] After the establishments of the Kingdoms in Exile by Elendil and his sons, the Men of Evendim merged with the Dúnedain, becoming the people of Arnor together with non-Edain Men like the Men of Bree.

In T.A. 1974 the Witch-king of Angmar conquered Arthedain.[4] His victory was short-lived, however, for in 1975 the forces of Círdan and Eärnur of Gondor descended from the Hills of Evendim and on the plain between Nenuial and the North Downs crushed the forces of Angmar.[5]

[edit] Etymology

The Sindarin name, Emyn Uial, means "Hills of Dusk", from emyn ("hills", plural of amon)[6] and uial ("twilight").[7]

[edit] Other versions of the legendarium

In one version of the history of Galadriel and Celeborn, their son Amroth is born in the Hills of Evendim some time between S.A. 350 and 400. However, in the later legendarium, Amroth was established as the son of Amdír.


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