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This help page is under construction. But for the time being, just use the search on the left side to find what you are looking for, or check out the Recent changes to see what has been updated recently. If you want to test out editing pages please use our Sandbox to do so.


How do I create a new article?

Your best option is to click a red link, you will be directed to the edit page, add your content, click save, and you are good to go.

If you know of a page you want to create but there are no links to it, simply point your browser to "", you will be brought to a new page (hopefully without any content in it yet), just click the edit button and edit away.

Articles about characters

When creating or editing an article about a character in Arda please start with Character Name and then begin your description. Please also tell us where the name comes from and what it means in other languages, as well as what other names the character goes by. As well as their lineage and family tree.

Can I create articles about me or that are my own personal views?

Of course! Registered users have something similar to a 'Folder' for creating these articles. Instead of writing the article in the main namespace, just type User:YourUserName/Your_Article_Name. This separates opinionated articles from factual articles.


For people who have yet to finish reading The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Unfinished Tales, or even The History of Middle-earth, be careful when reading through this site, there are quite a few spoilers depending on how much of J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium you have read. We don't want to reveal that Frodo Baggins falls into Mount Doom to someone who has not finished The Lord of the Rings and ruin the book for them, now do we?


Due to excessive spamming of links we have added rel=nofollow to any external link, which means when search engines browse the site you will not gain PageRank or higher ranking status on any search engine for placing your link here. This being said, as long as your link is valid and relevant you will of course receive increased traffic because the link is visible.

Misc. Tips

  • When using the article's title in the article first bold it, Article Name, then Italicize it, Article Name, then just leave the article name normal.
  • When linking to articles you only need to link the first usage. If you continue to use the term Silmarils for example, there is no need to link all instances of it because it becomes excessive and unnecessary.
  • If someone edits an article after you and changes something you worked hard on, don't feel bad! We all have different opinions and we are all trying to improve the wiki. If you still think the changes were made unjustly just add a comment on the article's talk page or the editor's talk page to discuss why the changes were made.
  • If you save your changes to an article but wish to continue working on it, consider adding your intentions to the article's talk page or adding Template:Claimed to prevent other editors from working on the article at the same time.


See Help:Editing

Image Guidelines

See Help:Images
  • Uploaded images must be related to J.R.R. Tolkien and his works.
  • Images may contain personal images as long as they are related to J.R.R. Tolkien.
    • An example being images of your collection of Sideshow Weta merchandise is fine.
    • A bad example being images of your backyard.
  • At present we allow 1-2 images of yourself to be uploaded for use in your profile.
  • We are not an image storage site however and images found to be uploaded simply for remote linking will be removed. We are however fine with remote linking to an existing image to an extent. And you are always free to copy the image for yourself as our main goal is spreading the information.
  • We are currently fairly lenient on the file size of images. If the image is above our maximum file size limit (you will see this after clicking the upload button) simply click save anyway. Keep in mind there is no need for extensive quality as our images are used primarily in articles.
  • Maps are currently not allowed at this time.
  • Please make sure the image you are going to upload is fairly good quality, we want to offer the best (to an extent) quality for our visitors.


Tolkien Gateway is always on the lookout for more administrators we can count on to watch over our growing project. Administrators have a few added features when working on the wiki, such as the ability to rollback edits more efficiently, move pages, delete pages, etc.

To become an administrator a current administrator must suggest you for the position. The community then votes on whether they think this person is capable of the task. If they gain 90% of the majority then they are accepted into the position. The reason for such a high percentage is we wish to make sure all staff deserve the position they hold and the community supports them.

If in the event we feel an administrator is not performing to expectations another administrator can call them on it and the community will vote again, this time whether the person will stay or should have their powers revoked. If at least 75% of the community believes the administrator should be denied their powers, then it is so. If at any time our super-administrators believe an administrator is causing irreplaceable damage then they will be removed of their powers immediately.

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