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Gamwich was a village in the Shire.[note 1]

It was the home town of Hamfast Gamwich (and the source of his chosen surname) and as such the origin of the Gamwich and the Gammidge (later Gamgee) families. The town was also known for its own rope-making.[1]


Gamwich is "translated" from Hobbitish Galabas meaning "game-village"[2]

David Salo has suggested that the name represents a possible Old Hobbitish form *Gamenwic "Game-village".[3]


  1. Gamwich is one of the locations not included in the published map A Part of the Shire. Karen Fonstad placed it near the borders of the Westfarthing, but this is only speculation. See Karen Wynn Fonstad (1991), The Atlas of Middle-earth, Regional Maps, The Shire


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