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Far too much time and effort is going into discussing infobox images, with some editors expending far more effort on these than actually editing the wiki. This is not what we are about. Think about how many articles need creating, expanding, amending, categorising or sourcing. The To-do doesn't list articles needing images because that isn't our focus. We are not an art repository.

Some years ago we spotted that there was a certain type of editor who only wanted to upload images to push their preferred artists on the wiki. As a result we introduced the guideline that there should be editor consensus about any changes in order to deter editors and prevent edit wars; we now have loads of discussions on this and it isn't hugely productive and totally out of proportion.

From this post, each editor can only put in 2 requests a month to change infobox images (and only one more for the remainder of the month of August). I'll be reopening image uploads again to autoconfirmed users. --Mith (Talk/Contribs/Edits) 20:17, 15 August 2020 (UTC)