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In many hobbit-related and chronological pages, there are references like "Third child and only daughter of...". Such descriptions are highly speculative, because we are told that family trees were very complex and those presented in App C are only a simplified selection. As such, they aren't a guide of how many children each family had or the order of birth (as probably there are older unmentioned children). I suggest we remove such speculative descriptions whenever we find them, which I am going to do. Sage 13:16, 18 November 2020 (UTC)

I agree that such statements are speculative, because the first paragraph of Appendix C of the LOTR states that the names in those Hobbit family trees are only a selection from many and that most of them are either guests at Bilbo's farewell party or their direct ancestors and that a few other names of persons concerned in the events recounted in the LOTR are also included. I agree to remove such speculative descriptions, because in my opinions such detailed desriptions are not material to be retained, even if they would be clearly disclosed as speculative statements. --Akhorahil 10:24, 20 November 2020 (UTC)