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It's my first time really digging in for editing and amending stuff here. I rather learn by doing, and my work may not be perfect. I went to the To-do listed and picked out a couple tasks that had something to do with Elves. I re-wrote the Eöl page, which wasn't too bad at all, and tackled the Magic page, which seemed to have been primarily based on summaries of secondardy source websites that claimed a lot of things which I couldn't prove. I didn't want to undo what was done there because someone worked hard on that page I'm sure, but I just could not prove some of it.

I don't even know if all the categories on the Magic page are necessary. Like the Dark Magic section? Umm, duh, Morgoth and Sauron, which is totally covered in Divine Magic. I dunno. Some of it felt redundant because Middle-earth magic was not absolutely defined by Tolkien, so there was only so much I could use for support. I may have written way too much and I may have relied on Letter 155 too much, but whatever, I did a thing. It's easier to cut things out than stare at the screen like, "oh geez, what do I need to write here?" Ya know?  :)

So, how do I know if it's okay enough to have taken off the To-do list? I'm not sure how feedback works here.

Feedback can be very slow for one. I've been off-line for 5 months now and there have only been 4-5 chats. If this is your first time, there is a chance you may have made a mistake. My second time editing was trying to replace a picture of a character, managing to lose it completely. But you sound much more certain about the whole process. Now to your whole predictament with divine over dark. I'm guessing there were more than just those two in that category. The Dark category, in this case, is yes, painfully obvious... But you seem to know a bit about Tolkien. We are designing this site for browsers from all stages of Tolkien listening. For those who have just finished the Hobbit and haven't turned the first page of their Lord of the Rings, I think that though the catagory Divine includes Dark, not all readers will infer that conclusion. Thanks for your tackling. ;) Arya