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First Age 498

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*[[Túrin Turambar|Túrin]] weds [[Níniel]] in [[Brethil]] on [[Mid-year's Day]].
* '''[[Mid-year's Day]]''' - After becoming betrothed in the spring, [[Túrin|Túrin Turambar]] weds [[Niënor Níniel]].<ref>{{CH|15}}</ref>
* [[Glaurung]]'s [[orcs]] begin raiding [[Brethil]]. Túrin initially refuses to go into battle, but is persuaded by [[Dorlas]]. Túrin takes up [[Gurthang]] and defeats the orcs; news of the Black Sword reaches Glaurung.<ref name="GA">{{GA|319}}</ref>
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Year of
the Sun:

First Age 498 (abbreviated to F.A. 498) is the 498th year of the Sun of the First Age of Middle-earth.

Notable events in this year include:


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