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Biographical Information
Other namesTar-Elestirnë
BirthS.A. 771
DeathS.A. 985 (aged 214 years)
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
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Erendis was the wife of Tar-Aldarion, the seventh King of Númenor. She came from a family of lower status than Tar-Aldarion, so she had a lesser life-span than he. She loved the land of Númenor, especially her own region of Emerië.

After courting for years, she and Aldarion married. Though Erendis resented it, Aldarion insisted on continuing with his voyages to Middle-earth, causing a rift between the two. Erendis took their daughter Ancalimë with her and went to live on her own on her farm. When Aldarion returned, he demanded to have his daughter returned to him, which Erendis did grudgingly, but her pride kept her from returning to him.

The partial story of Aldarion and Erendis can be found in Unfinished Tales. Though the story was left incomplete, the book does give some hints on how it concluded.