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Drúwaith Iaur

Drúwaith Iaur or Old Púkel land was a region with dark forests on the west of Gondor. It was between the river Isen and the western edge of the Ered Nimrais.[1]

Drúwaith Iaur was not a part of the realm of Gondor,[2] and therefore also not of the Reunited Kingdom. It was home to the remnants of the Drúedain, the original inhabitants of the Ered Nimrais, who were dispersed by the Númenóreans as they were hostile to them.[3]


Drúwaith Iaur is a Sindarin name, consisting of drú ("wild") + waith ("folk, land") and iaur ("old"); it is thus a literal translation of Old Púkel land.[4][2] On a "scrap of writing", according to Christopher Tolkien, the word Iaur did not mean "original" but "former".[3]


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