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This article is about the country. For the chapter of the same name, see The Land of Bow and Helm.
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General information
Other namesLand of Bow and Helm
LocationTalath Dirnen, the lands around Amon Rûdh; between Teiglin and the west march of Doriath
CapitalEchad i Sedryn
PopulationElves, Men
FoundedF.A. 487
DestroyedF.A. 489
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Dor-Cúarthol, the Land of Bow and Helm, was the land ruled by Túrin of the House of Hador, situated in Talath Dirnen around Amon Rûdh, "between Teiglin and the west march of Doriath". The name comes from Beleg's great bow and the Helm of Hador borne by Túrin.[1]



Built within Amon Rûdh was the home of a family of Petty-dwarves, Mîm and his sons Ibun and Khîm. When Túrin and his outlaws encountered Mîm in the wild they captured him but Mîm ransomed his home to the outlaws for his life. One day in the midst of winter, Beleg of Doriath, having been seeking out his old friend, brought to him the Helm of his ancestors, and joined the outlaws. Túrin took a new name, Gorthol, from the dreadful Helm he now donned, and the Two Captains along with their company defended the region against the Orcs of Morgoth.[1] The Orcs were hunted down and even though they outnumbered the Company greatly the valour of Túrin and the bowmanship of Beleg made them seem like a host.[2]

The deeds of the Two Captains was heard across all Beleriand, in Menegroth, Nargothrond and Gondolin, declaring "the Helm and Bow that had fallen in Dimbar had arisen again beyond hope".[1] Many leaderless and dispossessed wanderers took heart and came to seek them and Túrin gladly received them. Many camps and forts was established around Amon Rûdh such as Methed-en-glad and Bar Erib.[2]

But the fame of the Two Captains also reached Angband, and perceiving that "Gorthol" was truly Túrin the son of Húrin, Morgoth sent his most skilled spies to watch the lands around the hill. Later the location of Túrin's hideout was revealed to the Orcs for Mîm eagerly betrayed the outlaws to the Orc-captain.[note 1] Mîm led them to the hideout on Amon Rûdh and the Orcs sacked it. The outlaws were killed, Beleg was left for dead, and Túrin was captured and led away to the north.[2]


Dor-Cúarthol is Sindarin for "Land of Bow and Helm".[3] It contains the elements dôr (land) + (bow) + a (and) + thôl (helm).[4]


  1. In The Silmarillion it is said that Mîm did not deliberately sought out the Orcs to betray the outlaws, but betrayed them due to the threat of torture to his captive son. (cf. asterisk in The Land of Bow and Helm)


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