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'''''-nna''''' means "to, upon" in [[Quenya]], allative ending in '''cilyanna''', '''Endorenna''', '''Elendilenna''', '''Elenna''', '''númenna''', '''númenórenna''', '''rómenna''', '''tielyanna'''. Plural '''''-nnar''''' in '''mannar''', '''valannar'''.{{fact}}
'''''-nna''''' means "to, upon" in [[Quenya]], allative ending in '''cilyanna''', '''Endorenna''',<ref>{{RK|VI5}}, [[Elendil's Oath]]</ref><ref>{{PE|17}}, p.103</ref> '''Elendilenna''', '''Elenna''',<ref>{{S|Index}}</ref> '''númenna''', '''númenórenna''', '''rómenna''', '''tielyanna'''. Plural '''''-nnar''''' in '''mannar''', '''valannar'''.{{fact}}
[[Category:Quenya suffixes]]
[[Category:Quenya suffixes]]

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-nna means "to, upon" in Quenya, allative ending in cilyanna, Endorenna,[1][2] Elendilenna, Elenna,[3] númenna, númenórenna, rómenna, tielyanna. Plural -nnar in mannar, valannar.[source?]

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